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About provides an online forum for users to quickly find, rate and share unique specials that are “Happening Now” in any city.

How did get started?

It arose from the development of, which contains all of the functionality of FindMeSpecials and quite a bit more. We really liked how simple and easy the search for Specials could be if we separated it into its own site and the result is what you see today. There is more to come from GetBeezy too...

How do we find Specials?

Our internal call team is continually contacting top restaurants, bars and other businesses to add new specials to the site, but the site is also powered by our editors and users who can add and update specials. If you are as excited about having a great resource for specials as we are and feel like you can contribute, become an editor.

What types of Specials are listed?

We will list any Specials that we believe provide good value to our users. If you see a Special and think, “Now that is a reason to go check that Spot out!” Then, we want that Special listed on the site.

The primary category for Specials is Food/Drink, but we will also add Shopping, Health/Beauty, Lodging, Sports/Active and Kids Specials. For that matter, if we find a great special for anything else, we will add it to the General: Other category.

The ultimate goal is to provide Specials that are unique and truly provide value to consumers. We have found that the best specials generally occur just one time or only once a week. These are the desired specials, however, occasionally, there are daily specials during certain times that are exceptional.

What type of Specials are not acceptable?

We don't know about you, but we are looking to have a useful resource for finding specials. So, we don't want it to be cluttered with a bunch of coupon-type specials that really aren't that useful. We know that Subway has $5 Footlongs. We know that McDonalds has a Dollar Menu. We don't need to search for that, so why list them on the site?

We also don't really want specials that aren't that special... If a beer costs $5.00 normally, and the special price is $4.75 during Happy Hour...thats not Special. Don't add it. If something is 5% off and its only $10 normally, thats not Special. You get the picture.

What about Special Events?

We love knowing about the best events going on too, but this site is focused on Specials. By Specials, we mean that it needs to save you money. If it is not an offer that is saving you money off of the regular prices in some way, then it is not a Special, so don't add it as a Special.

You can, however, add Events to the GetBeezy network. We have created which will be available very soon and will function in the same way as


We hope you enjoy the site and help us by contributing your favorite Specials. We look forward to building the site into the premier resource to find the best Specials! Thanks and we welcome your feedback and questions.

-Matthew Simpson, Clark Harris(Founders) and the rest of the GetBeezy Staff

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