Find Me Specials
Chapel Hill

Own a Business? Offer Specials? FindMeSpecials will help spread the word!

Step 1: Setup a FREE PromoterBee Account.
The information, specials, events and offers displayed on FindMeSpecials for your business are managed using PromoterBee.

Step 2: Update your business information and calendar of specials/events.
To ensure that your specials and events always display, make sure to verify everything on your calendar.

Step 3: Create Sweet Finds for your business to attract new customers.
PromoterBee enables you to market your business instantly on FindMeSpecials and other sites. Create One Sweet Find certificates, Flash Specials, Birthday Offers, and Today's Chalk to engage the online community and drive traffic to your business.

Step 4: Monitor results and enhance your overall online presence
PromoterBee gives you a snapshot of daily activity as well as a host of other tools to connect and promote your website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

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Key benefits:

List your weekly specials and events for FREE on the PromoterBee Network.

Any specials you add to your PromoterBee calendar will display on, FindMeSpecials iPhone App, and a host of other websites and blogs.

Create low-cost promotions and ONLY pay for results.

Create your own certificates similar to the half-price gift certificates that are available everywhere online now. Control inventory and only pay when people use them. Also, issue birthday certificates to your loyal followers. You are in control.

Instantly update consumers

Announce Flash Specials to drive traffic when business is slow or when you've got excess inventory. Create and schedule virtual chalkboards to publish what normally can only be seen at your location!

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